BANGKOK: in Search for a Greener Side

Lý Thành Cơ

written by Coeur de Saigon

Traffic jams.

Pink taxis stuck in that traffic jam.

Sky Trains (BTS) rumble from above.

MRT speeds its way from underneath.

Tremendously huge chain of shopping malls.

Street vendors display their skewers with smokes.

That was my first impression on the 14-million-population city. It seemed unkind (at first) for a natural seeker, though rejoice metropolitan travelers. I had traveled to quite a few cities, from Tokyo to Singapore, Hong Kong to where I base, Ho Chi Minh City; I was okay with Bangkok.

Yet, Bangkok is unlike any cities I have been to.


“Less” traffic is like this in Bangkok

In term busy traffic, Tokyo and Hong Kong cannot compete with Bangkok. The traffic here is indeed busy. It resembles Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, during high traffic hours in spite of the many “Sky” traffic and underground public transportation. Yet, the public transportation, specifically BTS, block…

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