Padma de Fleur: The Coffee/Flower Shop You Don’t Know You Need in Saigon

Lý Thành Cơ

On a lazy rainy Sunday, cafe hopping has never failed to cross my mind. Researching in advance for the new and chic cafe is fun. The little exploration is even more exciting. But not all exploring attempts are satisfying. Some days, I failed; as the cafe doesn’t live up to its beautiful photos on Instagram and bad recommendations from cafe hoppers. Those experience I let it wasted in un-posted blog entries. Well, this Sunday is not like any other discouraging Sunday, thanks to this floral cafe: Padma de Fleur.

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset Interior of the coffee shop is filled with antiques and wooden objects. A bit messy upon the first look; but they harmonizes well.

The Decoration

From the outside, it hints nothing about a coffee shop and it’s not particularly nice for a flower shop. When entered, we are overwhelmed by the fresh and airy space, complimented with aromatic scent. Flowers are…

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